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'Let me tell you, we really enjoy teaching from the Faith Foundation lessons. And the children really enjoy class and learn a lot of Bible. Thank you so much for all your effort in putting the series together. It is timeless material. I can't praise it enough. God bless you.'
- Sue Hershey, San Jacinto church of Christ, Amarillo, TX
Acts - 5th Grade

1How We Got the BibleCenters
2How We Got the BibleCenters
3Ascension and the Upper RoomActs 1:1-26
4The Coming of the Holy SpiritActs 2:1-13
5Peter's SermonActs 2:14-41
6The Believers in the First ChurchActs 2:42-46
Mission Lesson A
Mission Lesson B
7Peter Heals a Crippled ManActs 3:1-10
8Peter's Second SermonActs 3:33-4:3a
9Imprisonment, Defense, & Release Acts 4:3b-31
10The Answer Is - Review 1 Review
11Ananias & Sapphira Acts 4:32-5:11
12Apostles Jailed and ReleasedActs 5:12-42
Mission Lesson A
Mission Lesson B
13First DeaconsActs 6:1-7
14StephenActs 6:8-8:3
15Philip in SamariaActs 8:4-24
16Ethiopian EunuchActs 8:25-40
17The Answer Is - Review 2Review
Mission Lesson A
Mission Lesson B
18Saul's ConversionActs 9:1-19a
19Saul begins to preachActs 9:19b-31
20DorcusActs 9:32-43
21CorneliusActs 10:1-48
22Peter's ReportActs 11:1-18
23Church at AntiochActs 11:19-30
24Advice from Peter's LettersI & II Peter
25Peter's Arrest and DeliveranceActs 12:1-19
26Advice from Peter's Letters, contI & II Peter
27Death of HerodActs 12:20-24
Mission Lesson A
Mission Lesson B
28The Answer Is - Review 3Review
29Barnabas & Saul in Cyprus Acts 12:25-13:12
30Pisidian Antioch Acts 13:13-52
31Iconium Acts 14:1-7
32Lystra Acts 14:8-20a
33The Way Back Acts 14:20b-28
35Jerusalem Council Acts 15:1-15
36Where in the World?Review
Mission Lesson A
Mission Lesson B
37The Answer Is - Review 4
38The Split Acts 15:36-41
39Character Studies Acts 15:37-16:3
40Character Studies, cont
41Memory Work Catch-Up
42Lead by God Acts 16:4-10
43Philippi - Lydia Acts 16:11-15, 40
44Philippi- Demonic Girl & JailorActs 16:16-40
45Thessalonica Acts 17:1-9
46Berea Acts 17:10-15
47Athens Acts 17:16-34
48Adopt a MissionaryMissions
49Corinth Acts 18:1-17
50I ThessaloniansI Thessalonians
51II Thessalonians II Thessalonians
52Return to Antioch Acts 18:18-23a
53Where in the World?Review
54The Answer Is - Review 5Review
55Apollos Acts 18:24-28
56Ephesus Acts 18:23b, 19:1-10
57Ephesus - Miracles & Magic Acts 19:11-20
58I CorinthiansI Corinthians
59I Corinthians, contI Corinthians
60Ephesus - Trouble Acts 19:21-20:1
61II Corinthians II Corinthians
62Correspondence MissionsMissions
63Travels & Long Sermon Acts 20:1-12
65Travels & Farewell to Ephesus Acts 20:13-38
66Back to Jerusalem Acts 21:1-17
67Where in the World?Review
68The Answer Is - Review 6Review
69Paul in Jerusalem - Report Acts 21:17-26
70Seized in the Temple Acts 21:27-36
71Paul's Defense Before the Jews Acts 21:37-22:29
72Paul Before the Council Acts 22:30-23:11
73The Conspiracy to Kill Paul Acts 23:12-35
74Visiting MissionaryMissions
75Paul Before Felix Acts 24:1-27
76Paul Before Festus Acts 25:1-22
77Paul Before Agrippa Acts 25:23-26:32
78The Answer Is - Review 7Review
79Paul Sails for Rome & Shipwreck Acts 27:1-44
80Being a MissionaryMissions
81Malta Acts 28:1-10
82Rome! Acts 28:11-29
83Where in the World?Review
88After Acts
89The Answer Is - Review 8

Mission Lessons A & B - These make up the other lessons which will be interspersed throughout the beginning of the year.

Odd lessons are Sunday lessons, even lessons are Wednesday lessons.
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