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'Faith Foundations is loaded with practical applications for every lesson. The lessons are fun but not silly. Teachers and students come away 'getting it'. As a curriculum director I am proud to say, there is no 'fluff' in our teaching. I also like the constant updates and new information as to web sites and ideas from other teachers that Faith Foundations provided via e-mail. We looked for a chronological study of the Bible and we now have it! It's good!'
- Laurie Latham, Skillman Church of Christ, Dallas, TX
Old Testament II - 3rd Grade

1First Three Judges Judges 1-3
2DeborahJudges 4-5
3GideonJudges 6-7
4Abimelech-AbdonJudges 9-12
5Samson, Part 1Judges 13-15
6Samson, Part 2Judges 16
9All That StuffReview
10Hannah & SamuelI Sam.1-2
11God Calls SamuelI Sam. 3
12The Ark is CapturedI Sam. 4-7
13Samuel Anoints SaulI Sam. 8-10
14Saul DisobeysI Sam. 11-15
15David is AnointedI Sam.16
16David Fights GoliathI Sam.17
17David & JonathanI Sam.18-21
18Saul Pursues DavidI Sam. 19, 21-27
19David and AbigailI Sam 25
20Saul & the Witch of EndorI Sam.28
21Saul DiesI Sam. 29-31
22All That StuffReview
23David Becomes KingII Sam. 1-6
24The Ark Comes to JerusalemII Sam. 6; I Ch. 15-16
25MephiboshethII Sam. 9:1-13
26David Overcomes His EnemiesII Sam. 10, 23; I Ch. 11-12, 18-19
27David SinsII Sam. 11-12
28Davidís SonsII Sam. 14-19; I Ki. 1
29PsalmsPsalms 1-150
30Lessons from PsalmsPsalms 1-150
31A Man After Godís Own HeartDavid - Centers
32A Man After Godís Own HeartDavid - Centers
33Solomon Asks for WisdomI Ki.3-4
34Dictionaries & Other ResourcesResearch
35Solomon Builds the TempleI Ki. 5-8
36Solomonís Rise and FallI Ki. 9:1-11:39
39Temper, Honesty, & GossipProverbs
40Solomonís Other WritingsEcc. & S. of S.
41 CentersUnited Kingdom
42 CentersUnited Kingdom
43All That StuffReview
44Divided KingdomI Ki. 11:26-12:24; II Ch. 10:1-11:4
45JeroboamI Ki. 12:25-14:16
46King Asa of JudahI Ki. 15:1-16:27; II Ch. 13:1-16:14
47JehoshaphatII Ch. 17:1-19
48God Took Care of Elijah I Ki. 16:29-17-24
49Elijah and the Prophets of BaalI Ki. 18:1-46
50Nabothís VineyardI Ki. 21:1-28
51MicaiahI Ki. 22:1-40
52AhaziahI Ki. 22:51-II Ki. 1:18
53Jehoshaphat Faces WarII Ch. 20
54Passing the Torch from Elijah to ElishaII Kings 2
55All That StuffReview
56Elisha & The Widowís OilII Kings 4:1-7
57Miracles of ElishaII Kings 4
58NaamanII Kings 5
59Army of AngelsII Kings 6
60Jehu II Kings 9-10
61Athaliah & JoashII Kings 11-12
62Joel & Joash II Ki. 11-12, Joel
63AmaziahII Ch. 25
64 CentersElijah & Elisha
66Itís in the Bag?Review
67UzziahII Ch. 26
68Isaiah Isaiah
69JothamII Ch. 27
70ProphetsHosea, Amos, Micah
71Ahaz & Fall of IsraelII Kings 17 & 18
72Hezekiah Does Godís WillII Ch. 29-31
73Hezekiah Trusts GodII Ch. 32
74All That StuffReview
75Manasseh & AmonII Kings 21, II Ch. 33
76Nahum & ZephaniahNahum, Zephaniah
77Josiah II Kings 22:3-23:30
78Jeremiah Begins His MinistryJeremiah 1Ė20
79Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, & JehoiachinII Ki. 23:31-24:1-7; II Ch. 36:1-12; Jer.
80Habakkuk & ObadiahHabakkuk & Obadiah
81The Fall of JerusalemII Ki. 25; II Ch. 36; Jer. 29, 52; Lam.
82CentersIsaiah & Jeremiah
83All That StuffReview
84DietDaniel 1:1-20
85Nebuchadnezzar's DreamDaniel 2:1-49
87The Fiery FurnaceDaniel 3
88The Hand Writing on the WallDaniel 5
89Daniel And the LionsDaniel 6
90Danielís Visions & PrayerDaniel 9
91CentersEzekiel & Daniel
93Rebuilding the TempleEzra 1-6; Hag.; Zech.
96Ezra Goes to JerusalemEzra 7:1-10:44
97Rebuilding the WallsNehemiah 1-7
98The People Worship GodNehemiah 8-12
99Solving the Same Old ProblemsNeh. 13, Malachi
100All That StuffReview

Odd numbers are Sunday lessons, even numbers are Wednesday lessons.
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