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'Sally - Again let me say how much we are enjoying your Faith Foundations lessons. Our children are learning and retaining God's word like never before. Thanks for all the hard work.'
- Cecily Kinkade, Laurel Church of Christ, Knoxville, TN
Useful Links

Kids 4 Truth Serpent Dynamation - online video of miracles and other parts of the Bible.
Wendy Wolfgang's Visuals - Color visuals made specifically for Faith Foundations lessons.
Bible Places - Pictures of Bible places. Great if you need help for the 5th Grade 'Where in the World is Paul?' game.
Timeline Characters - Pictures of different people in the Bible, as well as their position in history and other memorable facts.
Temple Institute - Great information about the Temple in Jerusalem.
Galilee Flyer - Fun software for the 4th grade. Fly over Galilee in an airplane!
Time Machine Bulliten Board Set - Great for the 4th grade time travel lessons.
Inspirational Posters - Inspirational posters for your classroom.
Jesus For - Video of the Story of Jesus presented for children.
Bible Picture Gallery - A free collection of online Bible story images from various sources

If you have any other links that you think teachers would find useful, please e-mail me!

Note: Sally Frazier and Faith Foundations are not associated with any of the sites linked on this page. Faith Foundations gets no proceeds from any of these sales. These links are provided to help teachers who would like to enhance the curriculum with outside materials.
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