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'Faith Foundations is loaded with practical applications for every lesson. The lessons are fun but not silly. Teachers and students come away 'getting it'. As a curriculum director I am proud to say, there is no 'fluff' in our teaching. I also like the constant updates and new information as to web sites and ideas from other teachers that Faith Foundations provided via e-mail. We looked for a chronological study of the Bible and we now have it! It's good!'
- Laurie Latham, Skillman Church of Christ, Dallas, TX
Faith Foundations - Making It Work
by Sally Frazier
  • Format
    • Pre-class activity
    • Review - for retention
    • Memory Work
    • Bible
    • Application - in Bible truth
    • Summary
  • Lessons flow from one to the next, building on each other
  • Charts and time lines connect lessons to each other and are a recurring activity.
Yet Variety
  • Activities are varied to allow for different learning styles.
  • There is something different each time in any or some parts of the format.
  • Old teaching methods are fine - sometimes - flannel board, flip charts, chalk talks
  • Other ways of engaging the students are also used - drama, songs, cooking, room decorations, object lessons, games, etc.
  • Lessons also vary in pace (low key and high activity).
The teacher is a key. Their attitude and follow through with the lesson plan makes or breaks the success of the class.

To Make it Stick
  • Lessons must engage the students - After 72 hours people forget 90% of what they hear, 50% of what they see and hear; 25% of what they see, hear, and say; 10 % of what they see, hear, say, and do.
  • Make it real, exciting, relevant.
  • By having bulletin boards that teach and eye-catching things you want them to know on the walls, students will learn, even when they arenít paying attention to the teacher.
  • Review is a must.
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